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We are excited to present you our selection of Italian products, lovingly and carefully curated to offer you authentic delicacies of the Italian culinary tradition and a variety of high quality Italian gins. Here are the brands we export:


Kimbo S.p.A. is the company founded by the Rubino brothers in 1963, which gave rise to the Kimbo brand name, a name that evokes the exotic lands of origin of coffee beans

Volcano Gin

was born from a spring walk among the slopes of Etna. Our experience as sommeliers inspired us to create a product that tells the story of Etna through gin.

Ditta Drago Sebastiano

The company, founded in 1929, operates in the preservation of fish products in accordance with Sicilian tradition and with the experience acquired over four generations.


It all began back in the 1980s, when Salvatore Noto, a young, enterprising sixteen year old boy determined to achieve his goals…


We are Ambassadors of the Sea. We have the sea inside us because that is where we were born. The bond is indissoluble and our work is based on the …


The history of Agrisicilia began and developed on the slopes of Mount Etna, among the extraordinary gardens of the Catania plain and their ‘magical’ fruits.

Bella Spezia – That’s Aroma

From salts with oregano and rosemary from Sicily to mixtures to season meat, fish and even pizza, a universe of flavours…


The Terrano oil mill annually selects the best olives from its own territory. All production processes are carried out…

Gusto Italiano

Fresh pasta in the Sicilian tradition is a delicacy that embodies the heart and soul of the island’s cuisine …

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