Ditta Drago Sebastiano

Tuna fillets in oil, fillets of mackerel in oil, swordfish

Ditta Drago Sebastiano

Since 1929, a tradition handed down for more than 90 years

The Company, founded in 1929, is specialized in the preservation of fish products according to the Sicilian tradition’s respect and with the experience gained by four generations. The Company has today a factory in the industrial area of Syracuse where it produces products like Tuna, Mackerel and Swordfish, all preserved au naturel or in olive or soybean oil.

All the fish is manually operated without chemical substances and it doesn’t contain preservatives or flavour enhancers. To indulge the tastes of younger generation, the Company produces also tuna, mackerel paté and cream that can be used to make sandwiches or pasta sauce.

All these products, unlike the other ones commercially available, make your table joyful and they don’t have added starches.

The attention to the quality starts with raw materials’ selection and it continues with processing techniques, the way of cooking and packaging. Each stage of the production process takes place in the respect for tradition and under a rigid and strict food safety standards, now certified by BRC and IFS.

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