experience and passion since over 40 years


experience and passion since over 40 years

FAGONE has started its activity in Sicily as leading company in the production of the Giarratana Onion, a flatten-shaped bulb vegetable with a white and brownish tunic and white flesh. It has a savory but not pungent taste ancd can weight up to 3,5 kg. It’s a Slow Food Presidium.

Since it is a seasonal product, FAGONE improved its preservation and sale by producing preserves and creating an whole line conceived for catering, excellent for restaurant, bar and pizzerie. A few years ago the company has started the production of extra virgin olive oil extracted from Tonda iblea and Nocellara olives, typical varieties of Sicily.

Fagone company obtained the award “BEST IN SICILY” as the best Sicilian company and it is registered in the register of Italian Excellence.

Giarratana Onion

shipments throughout Italy starting July until September

The whole productive process of Giarratana Onion is done by hand. The onion is sown from late October and it is transplanted in February and March. Its harvest begins
in early July and it ends in late September.

During the harvest season, FAGONE ships the fresh onion throughout Italy. All this process is done by selecting the product carefully in order to ensure the quality.

The onion is extensively used in a lot of recipes. It is excellent to eat cooked in the oven, boiled, raw in salads, on pizza or as a side dish.

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