Kimbo S.p.A. is the company founded by the Rubino brothers in 1963, which gave rise to the Kimbo brand name, a name that evokes the exotic lands of origin of coffee beans. In 1994 it took second place in the retail sector of the Italian packaged coffee market, a position it still holds today. Its growing success is certainly due to its strict loyalty, tradition and qualitative excellence, but also to its strong presence in communication and investment in company infrastructure.

In the 1960s, the Rubino brothers seized the opportunity offered by new packaging techniques. With the revolutionary vacuum-packed tin, they could take the real coffee of the Neapolitan tradition everywhere. With this in mind, Cafè do Brasil S.p.A., now Kimbo S.p.A., was founded in 1963 and soon became one of the most important coffee roasters in Europe. Their coffee becomes famous throughout Italy and then worldwide under the brand name Kimbo. The coffee of the Neapolitan tradition is identified as the real and good coffee.

Since 2009 Kimbo has also been at the forefront in integrated logistics, with the Kimbo-hub (18,000 sqm) at the Nola interporto. In 2012, it expanded into bars in Sardinia thanks to the acquisition of the historic Cagliari-based company ‘La tazza d’oro’.

Being able to automate processes that were once artisanal, such as roasting and blending, was an achievement. Here, too, the human component is fundamental, both to control the roasting process and to create blends combining valuable and different qualities in an ideal way, in order to keep the Kimbo quality constant. The work is done by machines with state-of-the-art technology, but it is still experience and talent that drive the evolution.

Kimbo’s mission is to spread Italian coffee around the world by making available a quality product, Neapolitan, made in Italy and produced with the most advanced technologies, respecting people and the environment

If you want to make coffee your business, being born in Naples is an advantage: you have long and unique experiences and traditions. It is also a responsibility: these riches should not be betrayed, but put to good use, respected and made to grow. It is not just a business but a vocation

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