Pasta Gusto Italiano


Pasta Gusto Italiano

Fresh pasta in the Sicilian tradition is a delicacy that embodies the heart and soul of the island’s cuisine. Sicily is famous for its variety of fresh pasta, each of which tells a story of tradition, culture and passion.

To prepare Sicilian fresh pasta at home, you can use the basic recipe for egg pasta and then shape it into traditional shapes. Fresh pasta is widely appreciated for its soft and tasty texture, which goes perfectly with typical Sicilian sauces. It is a unique culinary experience that will take you directly into the soul of Sicilian cuisine.

Sicilian cuisine is a mix of historical and cultural influences that have merged into an extraordinary variety of flavours and dishes. It is a cuisine that celebrates local ingredients, love of food and conviviality. Whether you are enjoying a fresh pasta dish or a traditional dessert, every bite will take you straight to the heart and soul of Sicily.

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