Volcano Gin

How Etna gin is made


Volcano Gin was born from a spring walk among the slopes of Etna. Our experience as sommeliers inspired us to create a product that tells the story of Etna through a gin: a blend of different elements that, just like a wine from the volcano, brings together territory and vision in a glass.

Every detail of Volcano Gin is a tribute to good drinking. The tale of Etna through gin is expressed in the aesthetics of the powerful glass, the result of a sophisticated design. The lava stone cap is a small jewel of Piedimonte Etneo craftsmanship made of 95 per cent volcanic lava fragments. Each bottle of Volcano Gin brings a piece of Etna into your home.

The territory

Since 2018, we have enclosed in our majestic bottles, handcrafted glass masterpieces, the fragrances of Etna in a gin that tells the whole world about Sicily. Here, among Etna’s sciara, juniper, broom, hazelnut and wild fennel meet bitter orange to express the volcanic character and energy of a fascinating territory

Volcano Etna Rosé Gin is born from the union of Volcano Etna Dry Gin and Etna Rosso DOC a project born in collaboration with Gambino vini, which makes every sip of Rosé Gin a seductive tale of Etna in an eruption of emotions to drink.

How Volcano Gin is born

We harvest the Juniper on the northern slope of Etna between September and November and make the broom the first botanical reference.

After the distillation of the grains comes the cold infusion (cold compound) of the hazelnut, the herbaceous notes of wild fennel, and the bitter orange that gives a note of acidity

The artisanal production of Volcano gin takes place in Santa Venerina, in Mastro Mariano’s oldest distillery in Sicily.

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