has the sea inside. From Cilento to Parma and beyond, we are the specialists of the sea.


We are Ambassadors of the Sea. We carry the sea with us because we were born there. Our enduring bond and work have always been based on the history and values of an ancient culture that belongs to it. We don’t sell fish: we transform it with passion and love, and we bring it to the table of those who love its flavour, the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea, and the simplicity of good food made with artisanal care.

It’s important to have roots. Ours are in San Marco di Castellabate, in Cilento, where our story began. In our main production side, the most cutting-edge technologies for food security join the artisanal tradition of the processing of fish preserves.

We are immersed in a natural park of extraordinary beauty: the light, the scents, the flavours, and the warmth of our land are the main ingredients of all our products.

In the 1990s, we took over the historic Zarotti company in Parma, already a leader in the canned fish sector. The logistics and distribution headquarters are located in Parma, the heart of Italian food culture. The city in Emilia is the queen of the Food Valley as well as a Unesco Gastronomic Capital. A total area of 2.500 m2 hosts the headquarters and commercial offices.

Our fish owes the infinite nuances of its flavour to the different temperatures and latitudes typical of its origin. But our products have one thing in common: we process fish with the same care and dedication as when we were a small company made up of a few people. From the selection of the raw material, to its processing and packaging, we have always used the most reliable tool in the world: our hands. Only the confident gestures driven by an ancient tradition can in fact maintain the flavour, freshness and organoleptic properties of our finest fish in the best possible way.

Today, we pair artisan tradition with the most advanced technology to guarantee unmatched quality and food safety. Our packaging is made only with glass and tins, 100% recyclable materials.
These are the ingredients that allow us to bring the taste and the beauty of the sea to your tables every day.

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Your satisfaction is our priority, and we will always strive to provide you with the best of Italian cuisine. Thank you for choosing our services and for sharing your passion for Italian flavours with us.